Lysistrata: An ancient Greek play about war and peace, men and women, and sex. Or rather, a sex strike. Usually populated by swooning women in togas, men in armor and togas, and lots and lots of enormous fake penises (under togas), the play counts on an audience laughing at an erect penis for just shy of three hours.  For a play about people coming together (pun intended), there are an awful lot of binaries in the world Aristophanes has set up for us. 

Blow apart the heteronormative assumptions that the original script leaves us with. Ideas that only men go to war, only women date men, and men are sex crazed monsters that only care about what happens in their pants. It doesn't make anyone look good.

This is a story about war, peace, people, and the need we share to keep our loved ones safe. It is also delightfully loud and wickedly fast. 

It is also kinda funny.

North Dakota State University

Directed by Chelsea Pace